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Micke "Belze" Andersson
Micke was one of the co-developers of the very first version of Fluid. He has ever since been a faithful beta tester of the new releases. Much of the features available in the different versions originated as ideas and requests from him.

Federico "YK" Pietrolucci
YK was recently introduced to Fluid, and he helped me with the design details of the new architecture for the API.

Matt Hall and John Watkinson
Authors of Streamsicle who when they were developing it also was kind enough to improve some of the functionality available in Fluid.

Julia Anne Case
Julia extended an earlier version of Fluid with a web-interface that made it look somewhat similar to Streamsicle, although I am not sure whether or not it made it to the public.

1060 Research
Netkernel is a service oriented microkernel and an XML application server. It comes with a demo called Orchextra built on Streamsicle and Fluid.

Phil Kerr
Phil made an YP-compatible version of Fluid that was hosted for a long time on SourceForge, but unfortunately I can't seem to find it any longer.

All the users of Fluid
Many of the users have sent me email about various more or less obscure configurations on which they have run Fluid. Those are still a cool read and I hope that Fluid will continue to encourage people to test it on different systems and send me mail about it.

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